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Saturday, 16 October 2010


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sally de dear

I know that you are writing this for you, but you are writing it for me and so many others as well. Thanks for letting us see into your beautiful heart.


Thank you for giving me an insight to your beautiful family. Your experiences help me look at different aspects in my life. In so many ways when you speak for your self you help others find their voice no matter what difficulty they experience in their own lives.


Sally sent your blog to me. I look forward to reading your latest installments,thanks for sharing.

Sue Hollis

Yvonne as I read this from Vancouver I can barely stops the tears. Thank you for your shining light, and for the love that is there for all of us to see, to be inspired by and to learn from. Luc chose you and your beautiful family for very special reasons.

Yvonne Nicholls

Thanks for all of your beautiful comments..I am glad you are enjoying. xx


I love the thoughtful and spiritual way in which you reflect on your life and love! It is beautiful and emotional and I look forward to sharing your future thoughts and triumphs!

Georgette Xirocostas

Sis, you are truley remarkable as are all the other parents who live with Autistic children. I often wonder how you cope and never show any of the sadness you may feel, but now reading about all your thoughts helps me understand and i do believe those living with Autism may find some peace in their lives as they too follow your

Debbie Tiernan

Yvonne, this is a really beautifully written and incredible insight on your life... thank you for being so courageous and sharing. x

Jane O'Brien

Your are a couragous beautiful woman
Lots of love from your husband's cousing Jane xxx

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